Aspose.BarCode Cloud 21.2 Release Notes

Complete List of Changes Covered in this Release

SDK Changes

Aspose.BarCode Cloud SDKs ( .NET, Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, Go)

Update to new Aspose.BarCode Cloud 21.2

New parameters

Recognize barcode

  • CheckMore1DVariants Allows engine to recognize 1D barcodes with checksum by checking more recognition variants. Default value: False

Generate barcode

  • Barcode type Pdf417
    • MacroTimeStamp Macro Pdf417 barcode time stamp
    • MacroSender Macro Pdf417 barcode sender name
    • MacroFileSize Macro Pdf417 file size. The file size field contains the size in bytes of the entire source file
    • MacroChecksum Macro Pdf417 barcode checksum. The checksum field contains the value of the 16-bit (2 bytes) CRC checksum using the CCITT-16 polynomial
    • MacroFileName Macro Pdf417 barcode file name
    • MacroAddressee Macro Pdf417 barcode addressee name
    • MacroECIEncoding Extended Channel Interpretation Identifiers. Applies for Macro PDF417 text fields