Aspose.Cells Cloud 21.11 Release Notes

Complete list of issues and enhancements covered in this Release

13464Bug of test case “CellsPivotTablesPutWorksheetPivotTableTest”, when using request param, it fails.Bug
18243Create sub folder with forward slash directory separator issueBug
24585Fix a bug about pivot item DTO deserializes.Bug
24675Add new API for workbook get page count on Aspose.Cells Cloud.New Feature
24676Add new API for worksheet get page count on Aspose.Cells Cloud.New Feature
24677Add new API for compress excel file on Aspose.Cells Cloud.New Feature
24825Call PutWorkbookCreate API Exception.Bug
24865Improvement for worksheet controller.Improvement
24884Assemble API support multi template files.New Feature
24885Add new feature for replace API.New Feature