Aspose.Email Cloud 20.1 Release Notes

New features

1. New Model API for VCard, iCalendar and Email message

This model is a business card scanner, as it allows you to convert the captured business card and name card images into a vCard format to store contacts. You may also convert images into the VCard file.

In the previous versions, there were only property sets based API. For example, in order to create iCalendar file using .Net SDK you had to use the following code:

var calendar = new HierarchicalObject("CALENDAR", null, new List<BaseObject>
    new PrimitiveObject("LOCATION", null, "location"),
    new PrimitiveObject("STARTDATE", null, startDate.ToString("u")),
    new PrimitiveObject("ENDDATE", null, endDate.ToString("u")),
    new HierarchicalObject("ORGANIZER", null, new List<BaseObject>
        new PrimitiveObject("ADDRESS", null, ""),
        new PrimitiveObject("DISPLAYNAME", null, "Organizer Name")
    new HierarchicalObject("ATTENDEES", null, new List<BaseObject>
        new IndexedHierarchicalObject("ATTENDEE", null, 0, new List<BaseObject>
            new PrimitiveObject("ADDRESS", null, ""),
            new PrimitiveObject("DISPLAYNAME", null, "Attendee Name")

In the current version, we have simplified the approach to work with iCalendar files. Now the same object can be represented by using new CalendarDto model: 

 var calendar = new CalendarDto
    Attendees = new List<MailAddress>{new MailAddress("Attendee Name", "", null)},
    Organizer = new MailAddress("Organizer Name", "", null),
    StartDate = startDate,
    EndDate = endDate,
    Location = "location"

You can use both ways to work with iCalendar files. 

Model API does not have separate methods to operate with attachments. Therefore, Attachments can be operated directly by transforming files into Base64 strings:

var bytes = File.ReadAllBytes(filePath);
var base64Data = Convert.ToBase64String(bytes);
calendar.Attachments.Add(new Attachment
    Base64Data = base64Data,
    Name = "attachment-name.txt"

More examples available on corresponding tutorials: EmailVCardiCalendar.

2. Files conversion

In the latest release version, we have introduced new methods to inter-convert the supported file formats. For example, in order to convert MSG to EML, you may use the following code snippet:

Stream convertedFile = await emailApi.ConvertEmailAsync(
   new ConvertEmailRequest("Eml", File.OpenRead("msg/file/on/disk")));

More details on tutorial Convert Email, Calendar and Contact Files.

Also, we added iCalendar to an AlternateView converter. Now it can be properly attached to an email message:

var alternate = await emailApi.ConvertCalendarModelToAlternateAsync(
    new ConvertCalendarModelToAlternateRequest(
        new CalendarDtoAlternateRq(calendar, "Create", null)));

SDK changes