Aspose.Email Cloud 20.12 Release Notes

SDK Changes

EmailCloud constructor parameters renamed:

  • AppKey is now ClientSecret.
  • AppSid is now ClientId.

See examples below:

var clientSecret = "Your Client secret";
var clientId = "Your Client id";
var api = new EmailCloud(clientSecret, clientId);
String clientSecret = "Your Client secret";
String clientId = "Your Client id";
EmailCloud api = new EmailCloud(clientSecret, clientId);
api = EmailCloud(client_secret="Your Client secret", client_id="Your Client id")
@api ='client_secret', 'client_id')
var api = new EmailCloud('clientId', 'clientSecret');
$configuration = new Configuration();
$api = new EmailCloud($configuration);

Documentation improvements

  • SDK reference documentation improved:
    • More documentation provided for some API groups, APIs and methods.
    • Added extra links to end of documents to simplify navigation.

See updated documentation.