Aspose.Email Cloud 20.7 Release Notes

New features

MAPI message files API

New models for representing MAPI message files have been added to Aspose Email Cloud:

  • MapiMessageDto - represents the Microsoft Outlook message.
  • MapiCalendarDto - represents the Microsoft Outlook calendar object.
  • MapiContactDto - represents the Microsoft Outlook contact information.

All these models can be converted to corresponding DTO objects:

  • MapiMessageDto <-> EmailDto.
  • MapiCalendarDto <-> CalendarDto.
  • MapiContactDto <-> ContactDto.

Also, the methods to save these models to MSG files are provided now.

Recurrence pattern support for CalendarDto improved

In the previous versions, there was the only method to set recurrence in CalendarDto using RecurrenceString. For example, to set daily recurrence:

calendar.RecurrenceString = "FREQ=DAILY;COUNT=10;WKST=MO";

In the current version, a new Recurrence property has been added, so there is a better way to set recurrence patterns:

calendar.Recurrence = new DailyRecurrencePatternDto
    Occurs = 10,
    WeekStart = "Monday"

SDK changes

  • Some corrections in null value handling during a model serialization.
  • Discriminator property has been added to ContactPhoto because it is now inherited by MapiContactPhotoDto.
  • Bug with the lost model property types information has been fixed.
  • Added TNEF format support to email message converters.