Aspose.Email Cloud 21.4 Release Notes

New features

1. Email client native conversation threads support for IMAP protocol

The email conversation threads support has been improved for IMAP protocol:

  • RFC 5256 THREAD extensions support added.
  • Gmail IMAP threads support added.

Message cache-based thread support can still be used for all IMAP servers that do not support any native thread implementations.

More details are available in the Tutorial.

const string inbox = "INBOX";
EmailThreadList threads = await api.Client.Thread.GetListAsync(
    new ClientThreadGetListRequest
        Folder = inbox,
        Account = accountFile,
        Storage = storage,
        AccountStorageFolder = folder

SDK Changes

The new field SourceFolder was added to ClientThreadMoveRequest. In some protocols, the source folder should be specified to properly find all the messages related to the conversation that should be moved.