Aspose.HTML for Cloud 17.10 Release Notes

Aspose.HTML for Cloud 17.10 - Release Notes

First Public Release of Aspose.HTML for Cloud

We are pleased to announce to first public release of Aspose.Html for Cloud. This is a REST API for manipulating and converting the HTML documents hosted on the cloud platforms. It exposes the functionality of Aspose.HTML for .NET used in background. You can get the HTML document from the cloud storage in its native format or rendered into document formats such as PDF and XPS, or into raster image formats, select the HTML page markup fragments using the XPath query, extract the images.

Also Aspose.Html for Cloud provides an opportunity to translate the HTML page to other human languages, using the neural network engine and machine learning algorithms.

Major Features

The proposed version of Aspose.HTML for Cloud API is the launch version, and it supports only a subset of features that Aspose.Html provides. Following features are supported at the moment:

  • Working with HTML document
    • Get the HTML document from the cloud storage where it has been previously uploaded - as HTML or ZIP package
    • Get the HTML document in the specified document format (PDF, XPS are supported) or graphic format (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF are supported)
    • Convert the HTML document in the cloud storage or the HTML page from the web into specified format and save it in the cloud.
    • Translate HTML document from English to German, French and Russian languages simultaneously
  • Working with the HTML document elements
    • Get the HTML code fragments by the XPath query; selected fragments are retrieved as plain file of HTML layout elements, or as JSON array of elements.
    • Extract all images from HTML document and retrieve them as a ZIP package