Aspose.HTML for Cloud 18.2 - Release Notes

New features

We are pleased to announce that the Aspose.HTML for Cloud functionality has been extended with following new features: 

  • Text recognition and translation using the OCR service:

An image that contains text can be processed by the OCR micro-service that recognizes the text and imports it into HTML format. Current version provides only simple HTML layout, that will be enhanced furthermore. Also the recognized text can be translated to other languages

  • ePub support by the conversion functionality:

ePub document can be passed to the conversion API by the same way as HTML document and converted to any of supported output formats


  • HTML translation feature: support of English-to-Chinese, Chinese-to-English language pairs has been added

Fixed issues

  • HTMLAI-207 Swagger specification: API Reference title changed: Aspose.Html for Cloud -> Aspose.HTML for Cloud
  • HTMLAI-207 Test that failed because it called the removed API method (GetSimpleTest) has been removed too