Aspose.HTML Cloud 19.11 Release Notes

API changes

New feature

  • SEO analyzing API has been added (see v.19.11 - API Change
    • It checks the HTML page by provided address and returns a list of SEO warnings. The following analysis points are provided in the current version (this list can be extended in the further versions):
      • detection of broken links;
      • validation of e-mail addresses;
      • checking of IMG tags for the absence of ALT attribute;
      • checking for duplicated H1 elements.

Internal enhancements

  • Extraction of images from HTML page: performance has been increased by usage of
  • Aspose.HTML.NET advanced functionality (namely, the mechanism of customizable handling of the resource requests on the document loading);
  • Code refactoring:
    • HTML document loading logic has been optimized for loading from storage and from the Web
    • Duplicated code fragments have been transformed into methods;
    • Unused code fragments have been removed.