Aspose.Imaging Cloud 18.7 - Release Notes

New features, fixes and improvements

IMAGINGCLOUD-105Allow selective test execution
IMAGINGCLOUD-84Improve WEBP tests after main product fix
IMAGINGCLOUD-104Implement IAC+Docker approach for CI process
IMAGINGCLOUD-120Add more parameters to Aspose.Imaging Cloud SDK jobs and extend the CI accordingly
IMAGINGCLOUD-124Add lazy initialization of SDK reference images from Git repository
IMAGINGCLOUD-135Reintroduce lazy initialization for integration tests

Aspose.Imaging v18.7 release integration features

IMAGINGNET-2969Expose WebPImage properties to public
IMAGINGNET-3016Investigate and fix export to JPEG2000 in multi-threaded environment
IMAGINGNET-3019The conversion GIF to PNG produces the corrupted output

For the complete list of changes, please refer to Aspose.Imaging for .NET 18.7 Release Notes and  Aspose.Imaging AI for .NET 18.7 - Release notes.

API Changes

IMAGINGCLOUD-119Remove signature authentication from SDKs as per request from Cloud team