Aspose.Imaging Cloud 20.7 - Release Notes

New features, fixes and improvements

IMAGINGCLOUD-580Check billing process in Imaging for Cloud
IMAGINGCLOUD-589Support saving image files to Dicom format

In this release, we have added processed file size to billing log and enabled saving to Dicom format.

Aspose.Imaging v20.7 release integration features

IMAGINGNET-3960Incorrect image size after applying Crop/Resize/RotateFlipAll operations on Gif image with subsequent export to WebP
IMAGINGNET-3947Black output after resizing JPG
IMAGINGNET-3941Image saving failed exception when converting EMF
IMAGINGNET-3931Converting to 1 bitdepth PNG results in black background
IMAGINGNET-3747Color information and left margin space is lost on exporting WMF to PDF
IMAGINGNET-3925Exception on rotating big TIFF/PNG/JPEG files

Aspose.Imaging v20.7 comes with fixing some image conversion and export issues.

For the complete list of changes, please refer to Aspose.Imaging for .NET 20.7 Release Notes.

Usage examples

IMAGINGCLOUD-589 Support saving image files to Dicom format

var pathToLocalFile = "ExportSampleImage.bmp";
using (var imageData = File.OpenRead(pathToLocalFile))
       string format = "dicom";
       string outPath = null; // Path to updated file (if this is empty, response contains streamed image)
       string storage = null; // Cloud Storage name

       var request = new CreateConvertedImageRequest(inputImageStream, format, outPath, storage);
       Stream updatedImage = this.ImagingApi.CreateConvertedImage(request);