Aspose.Slides for Cloud 1.3.0 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Slides for Cloud 1.3.0 with following improvements.

SAASSLIDES-25 - Update Architecture section on Wiki

SAASSLIDES-149 - Remove dependancies from SaaSpose.API.Data, SaaSpose.API.Business.DTO, SaaSpose.API.Business and use Aspose.Platform.Common.Business classes

SAASSLIDES-157 - Prepare Aspose.Slides for Cloud 1.3.0 release

SAASSLIDES-158 - Add missing operations for document property

SAASSLIDES-159 - Add missed operation for Slides resource Story -

SAASSLIDES-143 - Aspose.Slides for Cloud Add watermark limitation for trial account

SAASSLIDES-92 - PowerPoint to TIFF Set image properties

SAASSLIDES-101 - PPTX to PPT Support PPTX to PPT conversion

SAASSLIDES-142 - Update Aspose.Slides for .NET version to 14.x.0

SAASSLIDES-100 - Slide to Image Unexpected black background in output images

SAASSLIDES-133 - PPTX to PDF conversion missing dotted lines

SAASSLIDES-140 - Cannot retrieve presentation text

SAASSLIDES-144 - Text missing after conversion from PPTX to PDF

SAASSLIDES-145 - Division lines are not in proper color after conversion from PPTX to PDF

SAASSLIDES-148 - WordArt missing in the generated PDF file

SAASSLIDES-160 - Wrong links in textItems resource

SAASSLIDES-161 - File name ignores case in links