Aspose.Slides Cloud 18.7 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

  • SLIDESCLOUD-466 - Remove obsolete xxxNotes export formats
  • SLIDESCLOUD-467 - Remove obsolete feature of passing color in PUT method body for background resource
  • SLIDESCLOUD-468 - Support optional password parameter for all methods

Other Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-420 - Black rectangle instead of drawing in exported SVG

Public API Changes

  • optional password parameters are added to many methods to make them available for password-protected documents. They include:
    • password optional parameter for the following resources: slides, slide, notesSlide; saveAs for slide and shape; shapes and subresources - shape, paragraphs, paragraphportions, portion; masterSlides, masterSlide; layoutSlides, layoutSlide; images, image; placeholders, placeholder; properties, property; background; comments; theme and subresources - colorScheme, formatScheme, fontScheme; textItems, replaceText; merge; split - to be used with the document in case it is password-protected;
    • cloneFromPassword optional parameter for POST method of masterSlides and layoutSlides resources to be used with clone source document in case it is specified and is password-protected;
    • templatePassword optional parameter for PUT and POST methods of presentation resource to be used with template document in case it is specified and is password-protected;
    • Password property for PresentationToMerge object to allow for supplying password for the merged document;
    • PresentationPasswords property for PresentationsMergeRequest object to allow for supplying passwords for the merged documents;
  • Passing ARGB color as PUT request body parameter of background resource is removed as obsolete. Use color query string parameter instead.
  • PdfNotes, SwfNotes and TiffNotes export formats are removed as obsolete. Use Pdf, Swf and Tiff formats instead with NotesPosition export option.