Aspose.Slides Cloud 18.9 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

  • SLIDESCLOUD-465 - Support PictureOrganizationChart SmartArt layout type
  • SLIDESCLOUD-491 - Support new LightStyle1Accent5 value for TableStylePreset enum
  • SLIDESCLOUD-492 - Support new ImageTransparentColor and ApplyImageTransparent properties for PdfOptions
  • SLIDESCLOUD-501 - Convert all Slides in PPTX file to SVG files in one Call
  • SLIDESCLOUD-502 - Support NotesCommentsLayouting.ShowCommentsByNoAuthor parameter

Public API Changes

  • image formats (svg, jpg, png, gif and bmp) are available to convert and presentation/saveas resources. They allow to save a presentation as an archived set of slide images.
  • some minor additions were made:
    • PictureOrganizationChart smart art layout type
    • LightStyle1Accent5 preset table style
    • ImageTransparentColor and ApplyImageTransparent options for saving in PDF format
    • ShowCommentsByNoAuthor option for saving in PDF, HTML and image (SVG, JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP) formats.