Aspose.Slides Cloud 19.7 Release Notes

Other improvements and changes

- Export to POT format - Support SvgResponsiveLayout property in HtmlOptions - Support AlternativeTextTitle shape property - Support ParentComment property for comments - Support IOleObjectFrame.SubstitutePictureTitle - PHP SDK; nothing seems to be returned from call - GetSlidesDocumentProperties method throws 503 error intermittently - Merge API throws exception-Input string was not in a correct format

Public API changes

  • pot export format is now available for presentations and slides.
  • SvgResponsiveLayout boolean property is added to HTML export options.
  • AlternativeTextTitle property is added to base Shape object.
  • ChildComments property is added to Slide Comment object. If a slide contains nested comments, they are returned as items of ChildComments property of corresponding parent.
  • IsObjectIcon and SubstitutePictureTitle properies are added to OleObjectFrame shape object.