Aspose.Slides Cloud 20.10 Release Notes

Other improvements and changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1023 Remove redundant ResourceUriElement.
  • SLIDESCLOUD-855 Refactor Type & ShapeType properies for Shape.
  • SLIDESCLOUD-912 Make nullable parameter optional in Swift SDK requests.
  • SLIDESCLOUD-810 Remove semicolon from downloaded file names in SDKs.

Public API changes

1. ResourceUriElement Excluded

ResourceUriElement class contained a single ResourceUri property. Now it is replaced directly by ResourceUri to avoid excessive nesting.

2. ShapeType Property Excluded

ShapeType property duplicated GeometryShapeType for geometry shapes, and Type property for all the rest. Thus it was redundant and is now excluded for all shapes except GeometryShape . For GeometryShape and GeometryShapeType are excluded.