Aspose.Slides Cloud 21.1 Release Notes

Important Changes and Enhancements

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1066 Enable PDF Import
  • SLIDESCLOUD-939 Support ProtectionManager properties
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1073 Remove password field from request query string

Other Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1026 NullReferenceException is thrown when not all shape properties are provided
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1036 Export to SVG with VectorizeText option fails in linux image

Public API changes

PDF Import

The new fromPdf POST method allows to create presentations or append slides to existing ones using PDF files.



Request body:

Contains the PDF document.

SDK Code:

SlidesApi api = new SlidesApi("MyClientId", "MyClientSecret");
Stream file = File.OpenRead("input.pdf");
PostSlidesDocumentFromPdfRequest request = new PostSlidesDocumentFromPdfRequest { Name = "Sales.pptx", Pdf = file };
Document response = api.PostSlidesDocumentFromPdf(request);
Console.WriteLine(response.SelfUri.Href); //

SlideProperties and ProtectionProperties

The new slideProperties and protectionProperties allow to get and set a number of presentation-level properties like slide size, orientation, read-only etc.

Example 1 (get slide properties)


SDK Code:

SlidesApi api = new SlidesApi("MyClientId", "MyClientSecret");
GetSlidesSlidePropertiesRequest request = new GetSlidesSlidePropertiesRequest { Name = "myPresentation.pptx" };
SlideProperties slideProperties = api.GetSlidesSlideProperties(request);

Example 2 (set custom slide size)


Request body:

{ "width": 900, "height": 600 }

SDK Code:

SlidesApi api = new SlidesApi("MyClientId", "MyClientSecret");
PutSlidesSlidePropertiesRequest request = new PutSlidesSlidePropertiesRequest
    Name = "myPresentation.pptx",
    Dto = new SlideProperties { Width = 900, Height = 600 }
SlideProperties response = api.PutSlidesSlideProperties(request);

Password Field Moved to Header

Password fields (password, sourcePassword, templatePassword etc.) used with protected presentations should now be supplied in the request header instead of query string.

Nothing is changed in the API if you use SDK.

Deprecated Methods

PUT fromHtml method is deprecated and will be deleted in 21.4 release. Use POST fromHtml method for both creating presentations and adding slides to it.

slideSize resource is deprecated and will be deleted in 21.4 release. Use slideProperties resource instead.