Aspose.Slides Cloud 21.12 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-735 Support animation effects on paragraph level
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1061 Support Shape.ThreeDFormat properties
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1298 Make PDF one of input formats for Convert methods
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1305 Support export to HTML5
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1313 Ensure enum query parameters are validated in SDKs
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1325 C# API call fails with the OutOfMemory exception
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1354 Add width & height to ExportOptions

Public API changes

A new ThreeDFormat property is added to ShapeBase object which allows to get and set 3D effects for shapes. See documentation for more info.

Added Html5 to the list of allowed values for ExportFormat type. You can now convert presentations to HTML5.

New With and Height properties are added to ExportOptions object. You can now specify custom size in conversion methods. See documentation for an example.

A new paragraphIndex parameter is added to GetSlideAnimation and GetSpecialSlideAnimation methods. A new paragraphIndex property is added to Effect object. You can now get and set animation effect for a specific paragraph. See documentation for an example.