Aspose.Slides Cloud 22.1 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1324 Support export to GIF
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1323 Support convert to XAML
  • SLIDESCLOUD-940 Support math formulas
  • SLIDESCLOUD-991 Support export of formulas to MathML
  • SLIDESCLOUD-636 Support alternating hyperlinks
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1319 Support editing shape points
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1321 Support align shapes in group shape
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1347 Allow PDF as input format for merge operations
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1320 Support new AudioShape & VideoShape Properties
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1269 Background Missing of the table after split and merged it on single file
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1355 FillFormat is not properly deserialized in Go SDK

Public API changes

Added Gif and Xaml to the list of allowed values for ExportFormat type. You can now convert presentations to Gif and Xaml.

A new MathParagraph property is added to Portion object. It allows to read & modify equations (math formulas) using cloud API. See documentation for more info.

You can now export math formulas to MathML format using mathml subresource of portion resource. See documentation for more info.

New HyperlinkClick and HyperlinkMouseOver properties of ShapeBase and Portion formats allow to manipulate hyperlinks on your presentation. It allows to export math formulas to MathML format. See documentation for more info.

New geometryPath subresource of shape resource allows to use custom lines for your geometry shapes. See documentation for more info.

align resource is now available for subshapes.

New PlayAcrossSlides and RewindAudio properties are added to AudioFrame object.

Added InClickSequence to the list of allowable values for AudioPlayModePreset and AudioPlayModePreset enum types.