Aspose.Slides Cloud 22.11 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1511 Provide access to chart spreadsheet for cloud users
  • SLIDESCLOUD-942 Support getting & setting chart data spreadsheet formulas
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1587 Add option to SDKs to enable insecure requests
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1593 Add UseFrameSize and UseFrameRotation properties to SvgExportOptions
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1596 Enable InputBuffer as a valid input value for binary parameters in python SDK
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1563 SVG shape is imported with incorrect stroke width
  • SLIDESCLOUD-976 Pie chart series get mixed after saving
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1590 Subshape error handling issues

Public API changes

You can now specify data sources for chart elements. This is done with new DataSource type which is used with propertries Chart.DataSourceForCategories, Series.DataSourceForName, OneValueSeries.DataSourceForValues, XYSeries.DataSourceForXValues, XYSeries.DataSourceForYValues, BubbleSeries.DataSourceForBubbleSizeValues. See documentation for more info.

You can now specify formulas for data points using new properties OneValueChartDataPoint.ValueFormula, ScatterChartDataPoint.XValueFormula, ScatterChartDataPoint.YValueFormula, BubbleChartDataPoint.BubbleSizeFormula. See documentation for more info.

Added boolean UseFrameSize and UseFrameRotation properties to SvgExportOptions class.