Aspose.Slides Cloud 22.3 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1326 Support modern comments
  • SLIDESCLOUD-812 Support Font Fallback Rules
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1411 Getting all charts from a slide
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1383 Enable creating portions with CreateParagraph / UpdateParagraph methods
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1365 Get and set a font for a text portion
  • SLIDESCLOUD-937 Support GetRect method for paragraphs and portions
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1359 Hide legend and gridlines of a chart
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1401 Broken PDF is converted without any exception
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1376 Slide count, shape count and paragraph count are wrong values in Perl SDK
  • SLIDESCLOUD-885 Update lineformat for shape fails occasionaly
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1405 pdf parameter is a required parameter for ImportFromPdf method
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1414 Support ffmpeg conversion in linux container

Public API changes

Added ModernSlideComment class to support modern comments. Also added SlideCommentBase as base class for comments. Added optional shapeIndex to CreateComment and CreateCommentOnline methods. See documentation for more info.

Added GetParagraphRectangle, GetPortionRectangle method and new TextBounds class to get paragraph or portion bounds. See documentation for more info.

Added optional shapeType parameter for GetShapes method. You can now get list for shapes of a particular type (e.g. charts or tables). See documentation for more info.

Added FontFallbackRules class and FontFallbackRules property to ExportOptions class. See documentation for more info.

Added LatinFont, EastAsianFont and ComplexScriptFont properties to Portion class to enable getting and seting portion font name.

Added ChartLinesFormat class and MajorGridLinesFormat and MinorGridLinesFormat properties to Axis class.

Added HideLegend boolean property to Legend class.