Aspose.Slides Cloud 22.4 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1406 Add transition options to video converter
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1419 Getting default portion format from a paragraph
  • SLIDESCLOUD-999 Support adding Group shapes, GraphicObject, OleObjectFrame
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1389 Set picture image for AudioFrame
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1435 Specified slide indices are ignored when converting PPTX to HTML5
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1423 PdfExportOptions.AccessPermissions property is implemented incorrectly
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1428 VideoExportOptions.VideoResolutionType option does not work
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1427 VideoExportOptions.TransitionDuration option does not work
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1425 Getting the first row index and first column index of merged cell
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1422 Width and Height properties don’t work separately when converting PPTX to images
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1421 Width and Height export properties don’t work for PDF documents
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1249 Images are not exported correctly to HTML in ZIP mode

Public API changes

Added TransitionType and SlidesTransitionDuration properties to VideoExportOptions class to enable creation videos with transitions. See documentation for more info.

Added DefaultPortionFormat property to Paragraph class. Added new PortionFormat class. You cn now get & set default portion format for a paragraph.

Added EmbeddedFileBase64Data and a number of other properties to OleObjectFrame class. You can now add OLE Object frames to presentations using Cloud API.

Added AccessPermissions class to support access permissions for PDF export.

Added PictureFillformat property to AudioFrame class.

Added RowIndex and ColumnIndex properties to TableCell class.

Moved Width and Height properties from ExportOptions base class to the new ImageExportOptionsBase class. This is a superclass for ImageExportOptions, GifExportOptions and TiffExportOptions classes.

Removed redundant Shapes property from ShapeBase class. It is only left for GroupShape class.