Aspose.Slides Cloud 22.5 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1452 Setting a poster image for Video frame
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1443 Setting transparency for images applied to fill autoshapes
  • SLIDESCLOUD-983 Cannot update portions inside smart art shape
  • SLIDESCLOUD-754 Include resource index in URL info
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1476 Slide notes are missing when converting PPTX to HTML
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1461 Cloning picture from presentation to another throws ApiException
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1462 Add missing Use Case tests for Python SDK
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1451 Add missing Use Case tests for Java SDK
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1440 Add use case tests for PHP SDK
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1420 ExportOptions class allows to change Format property

Public API changes

Added Paragraphs property to SmartArtNode class to enable getting and setting text for SmartArt nodes. Excluded shapes from SmartArt node paths. See documentation for more info.

Added ImageTransformList property to PictureFill class to enable setting image transform effects. Added ImageTransformEffect class and subclasses for different kind of of effects.

Added PictureFillFormat property to VideoFrame class to enable setting poster image for video frames.

Added SlideIndex and ShapeIndex properties to ResourceUri class to simplify retrieveing slide & shape indexes for resources.

Removed redundant BoxAndWhiskersSeries, WaterfallSeries and WaterfallChartDataPoint classes. Their properties are moved to base OneValueSeries and OneValueChartDataPoint classes.