Aspose.Slides Cloud 22.6 Release Notes

Important Changes and Enhancements

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1493 Add Effective boolean paramerter to GetPortion and GetParagraph methods
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1494 Chart series groups supporting
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1487 Checking whether a presentation is password protected

Other Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1492 Setting an image background for a slide
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1497 PDF options do not work when converting slide to PDF document
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1496 Slide extraction methods do not zip output HTML document
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1488 Slide is distorted when converting it with notes and comments to PNG
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1484 Width and Height parameters don’t work when converting slide to TIFF
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1482 Width and Height properties don’t work separately for DownloadSlide method
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1458 BadHttpRequestException: Request body too large
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1450 Azure Function does not run when Aspose.Slides-Cloud is added
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1444 MergeOnline method does not work with file collection created by Arrays.asList
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1271 Enums with undescores are not generated correctly in .NET SDK
  • SLIDESCLOUD-490 Support Chart & Series properties added in Slides.NET 18.7

Public API changes

Added new effective subresources for portion and paragraph resources to retrieve actual format values for paragraphs and portions, whether they are inherited from parent entities or not. See documentation for more info.

Added new ChartSeriesGroup class and SeriesGroups property to Chart class to enable managing chart series groups. Added new UpdateChartSeriesGroup method. See documentation for more info.

Password parameter is now optional for GetProtectionProperties method. So, you don’t need to specify the password to check whether a presentation has a password. See documentation for more info.

Added HasRoundedCorners property to Chart class.

Added InvertIfNegative property to OneValueChartDataPoint class.

Changed FormatScheme class to return actual format values instead of resource links.