Aspose.Slides Cloud 22.8 Release Notes

Important Changes and Enhancements

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1534 Get presentation fonts
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1536 Embed/unembed presentation fonts
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1525 Adding individual shapes from SVG

Other Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1548 Upgrade GuzzleHttp version to 7.2.4 for PHP SDK

Public API changes

Added new GetFonts and GetFontsOnline methods you can get a list for fonts used in the presentation.

Added new SetEmbeddedFont, SetEmbeddedFontOnline, DeleteEmbeddedFont and DeleteEmbeddedFontOnline methods to embed/unembed presentation fonts. See documentation for more info about new font handling methods.

Added new ImportImagesFromSvg method to import SVG images as individual geometry shapes. See documentation for more info.