Aspose.Slides Cloud 22.9 Release Notes

Important Changes and Enhancements

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1535 Replace presentation fonts
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1552 Enhancements to font methods
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1554 Adding a shape to a SmartArt graphic

Other Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1537 Font substitution
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1556 DeleteSubshape does not work for a SmartArt graphic
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1551 Add option to group shapes generated from SVG
  • SLIDESCLOUD-892 Support formatting individual datapoints in charts
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1565 Width and Height parameters don’t work when loading Notes slide
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1546 DTO classes are instantiated without shape type initialization in C++

Public API changes

Added new ReplaceFont and ReplaceFontOnline methods that allow replacing presentation fonts. See documentation for more info.

Added new SetEmbeddedFontFromRequest and SetEmbeddedFontFromRequestOnline that allow to embed fonts without uploading them to the storage. See documentation for more info.

Added new CreateSmartArtNode and DeleteSmartArtNode methods to manage individual nodes in SmartArt shapes. See documentation for more info.

Added an optional fontsFolder parameter to SetEmbeddedFont and SetEmbeddedFontOnline methods to enable using custom fonts with those methods.

Added FontSubstRules property to ExportOptions class to allow specifying font substitution rules in conversion methods.

Added an optional group parameter to ImportImagesFromSvg method to allow importing SVG images as a GroupShape.

Added FillFomat, LineFormat, EffectFormat and ThreeDFormat properties to DataPoint class that allow formatting individual chart data points.