Aspose.Slides Cloud 23.11 Release Notes

Important Changes and Enhancements

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1820 Add StartSavePresentation & StartConvertAndSave methods to async API
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1823 Implement async merge API
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1827 Merge operation progress tracking

Other Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1819 Support slide transition properties
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1815 Image parameter must be required for ReplaceImage method

Public API changes

Added StartSavePresentation and StartConvertAndSave methods to SlidesAsyncApi. Added StartMerge and StartMergeAndSave methods to SlidesAsyncApi. See documentation for more info. Added SlideShowTransition property to Slide object that enables setting transition effects for slides. See documentation for more info.