Aspose.Slides Cloud 24.4 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

  • SLIDESCLOUD-1927 Support IMathParagraph.ToLatex method
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1930 Support ProgressCallback with async API
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1940 Support Get/Set Data Point Markers
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1942 Table lines are thicker on Self-Hosted version
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1943 Shape disappears when adding animation with SDK for Go
  • SLIDESCLOUD-1945 Incorrect exception message when deleting the interactive animation sequence

Public API changes

Added DownloadMathPortion and SaveMathPortion methods to convert math portions to math markup formats (MathML or LaTeX). See documentation for more info. DownloadPortionAsMathML and SavePortionAsMathML methods are deprecated and will be removed after 24.6.

Added Marker property to DataPoint class.