Aspose.Tasks Cloud 18.9 Release Notes

Important Changes and New Features

1. Duration type was added:



  "TimeSpan": "10:00:00",

  "TimeUnit": "Hour"


2. [Breaking] Changes in ExtendedAttribute type (used in Task.ExtendedAttributes, Resource.ExtendedAttributes, ResourceAssignment.ExtendedAttributes collections):

  • ‘DurationFormat’ field was removed
  • ‘Value’ field was removed
  • ‘AttributeType’ field was added
  • Following fields were added: ‘DateValue’, ‘DurationValue’, ‘NumericValue’, ‘FlagValue’, ‘TextValue’

The following table shows which field contains the value of extended attribute depending on ExtendedAttribute’s type. Thus in order to get or set the value of a custom field with ‘Date’, ‘Start’ or ‘Finish’ type one should use ‘DateValue’ field.

Extended Attribute typeExtendedAttribute field
Date, Start, FinishDateValue
Number, CostNumericValue

"Task" : 



    "ExtendedAttributes": [


        "FieldId": "188743950",

        "AttributeType": "Date",

        "DateValue": "2018-03-04T08:15:00+07:00",

        "TextValue": null



        "FieldId": "188743960",

        "AttributeType": "Duration",

        "DurationValue": {

          "TimeSpan": "10:00:00",

          "TimeUnit": "Hour"






3. GET /{name}/extendedattributes/{index} and DELETE /{name}/extendedattributes/{index} endpoints: index parameter now can be FieldId as well as index of attribute in project.ExtendedAttributes collection.


curl -v \
     -X GET \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -H "Accept: application/json"



  "ExtendedAttribute": {

    "FieldId": "188743731",

    "FieldName": "Text1",

    "CfType": "Text",

    "Guid": "000039B7-8BBE-4CEB-82C4-FA8C0B400033",

    "ElementType": "Task",

    "MaxMultiValues": -1,

    "UserDef": false,

    "Alias": null,

    "SecondaryPid": "255869028",

    "AutoRollDown": false,

    "DefaultGuid": null,

    "LookupUid": "F45D601B-70C5-E311-A5BA-D43D7E937F92",

    "PhoneticsAlias": null,

    "RollupType": "Null",

    "CalculationType": "Lookup",

    "Formula": null,

    "RestrictValues": true,

    "ValuelistSortOrder": 0,

    "AppendNewValues": false,

    "Default": null,

    "ValueList": [


        "Id": 1,

        "Val": "1",

        "DateTimeValue": null,

        "DurationValue": null,

        "Description": "descr",

        "Phonetic": null



    "SecondaryGuid": "000039B7-8BBE-4CEB-82C4-FA8C0F404064"


  "Code": 200,

  "Status": "OK"


4. Bugs were fixed, see Aspose.Tasks for .NET 18.9 Release Notes for more details.