Aspose.Tasks Cloud 20.11 Release Notes

Major Features

  • Add an ability to create multiple tasks in single api call.

All Changes

KeySummaryIssue Type
TASKSCLOUD-397Support to add multiple tasks in an API Call.New Feature
TASKSNET-4371Fix incorrect reading of MPP with a large number of long assignmentsBug
TASKSNET-4370Fix bad performance while deleting of resources when CalculationMode.Manual is setBug
TASKSNET-4189Fix an issue with a file modification and resavingBug
TASKSNET-4154Fix invalid recalculated Start and Finish values for assignment with zero duration.Bug
TASKSNET-4350Fix missing ActualFinish.Bug
TASKSNET-4390Fix file resaved with Aspose.Tasks cannot be opened by MSP 2016.Bug
TASKSNET-4447Fix IsMilestone set to true after project’s recalculation.Bug
TASKSNET-4438Fix TasksException “TaskEntity.Start is DateTime.MinValue…” when project is recalculated.Bug
TASKSNET-4414Fix saving of task’s WBS code to Project Server \ Project Online.Bug
TASKSNET-4412Fix “Key already exists” exception when saving and reading large file to\from ProjectServer.Bug
TASKSNET-4411Fix concurrency issues when accessing Project Server.Bug
TASKSNET-4286Fix reading \ writing of Task.NotesText from \ to Project Server.Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following API endpoints were added:Description
POST on{name}/tasks/batchCreate multiple tasks by single request.