Aspose Words Cloud 17.6 Release notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words for Cloud update 17.6 – API Version 1.1.

Full List of issues covering all changes in this release

WORDSCLOUD-188Meaningless error if folder does not existBug

Improved API Error Messages.

Error messages for the following API calls have been made more readable

- Storage does not exist error.

- File or folder do not exist.

- Index out of bounds error

- Required parameters are not specified (e.g. in request body)

WORDSCLOUD-194 Words Count returned for a document are incorrectBug

The Aspose.Words for Cloud library is built on top of Aspose.Words for .NET Library. Along with the mentioned changes above,  you can view changes to the underlying library in the Aspose.Words for .NET 17.6 Release Notes.