Aspose Words Cloud 18.10 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 18.10 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features


Fully reworked version of Aspose Cloud Android Java SDK has been released. Android Java Cloud SDK is a wrapper around REST API, allowing to process documents in Android Java quickly and easily, gaining all benefits of strong types and IDE highlights. The distribution is available at Maven and source code at GitHub.

New SDK is fully supported and has the following advantages over the previous versions:

  • SDK is fully in sync with the API, all missing methods are added
  • Classes, methods, and properties have comments and are IDE-friendly
  • Better security
  • Usage of Request/Response classes to represent long lists of parameters. This allows for cleaner code and easier backward-compatibility going forward SDK is not backward compatible with the previous generation because of the last item. It should be straightforward to convert program code to using Request/Response objects, if you need any help on migration please ask at Free Support Forums.