Aspose Words Cloud 20.1 Release Notes

Important Changes and Enhancements


  • Property “ColorMode” moved from SaveOptionsData to FixedPageSaveOptionsData


  • Corrected document layout on first saving;
  • Added recognition for ICC based color spaces from PDF documents;
  • Reduced the number of processing steps for PDF images (should improve processing time for some PDFs).

All changes

Move property “ColorMode” from SaveOptionsData to FixedPageSaveOptionsDataEnhancement
Replace MemoryStream and byte[] with SixLabors.ImageSharp.IImage in image processingEnhancement
Include support of ICC profiles and implement ICCBased color spaceEnhancement
Pdf -> HtmlFixed conversion issue Bug
 ConvertDocument API: PDF to HTML conversion IssueBug
Test TableIsFoundCorrectlyByHeader fails on Linux Bug
Sometimes a test fails with NullReferenceException Bug