Aspose Words Cloud 20.5 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 20.5 – API Reference.

Important Changes and Enhancements


  1. Added “BuildReport” feature (uses Linq reporting).
  2. Added support of “Document.Lists”
  3. Added support of “Paragraph.ListFormat”
  4. Added support of “Document.Styles”
  5. Added support of change “Style” for document elements
  6. Added support of “ParagraphFormat.Shading” and “ParagraphFormat.Tabstops”
  7. Added support of UrlEncoded “NodePath” parameters
  8. Released “Downloadable” version of API on DockerHub


  1. Fixed letters disappearance during PDF recognition;
  2. Implemented diagonal lines detection in tables;
  3. Improved space detection between words;
  4. Solved several problems with landscape page recognition.

All changes

WORDSCLOUD-699Support of Text Style attributesFeature
WORDSCLOUD-717Downloadable docker version of APIFeature
WORDSCLOUD-786Support to update document styleFeature
WORDSCLOUD-808Add multilevel Bullet List in Word DocumenteFeature
WORDSCLOUD-846Support Document.Lists functionalityFeature
WORDSCLOUD-847Support Paragraph.ListFormat functionalityFeature
WORDSCLOUD-942Add support of ParagraphFormat propertiesFeature
WORDSCLOUD-957Add linq reporting supportFeature
WORDSCLOUD-941Word to HTML, placeholder breaks into spansBug
WORDSCLOUD-1136GetParagraph API parameter is encoded in API ExplorerBug
WORDSCLOUD-1137GetParagraphFormat API parameter is encoded in API ExplorerBug
PDF2WORD-73 Sometimes letters “fi” disappear in the word “Definition” Bug
PDF2WORD-320 Diagonal lines in tables aren’t recognized Bug
PDF2WORD-368 Corrupted PDF error during recognition Bug
PDF2WORD-417 Underlined text does not recognized correctly Bug
PDF2WORD-426 Simple segments tests fail on LinuxBug
PDF2WORD-427 TestRecognizingHyperlinks fails on Linux Bug
PDF2WORD-483 Incorrect processing of pages with landscape orientation Bug
PDF2WORD-491 Pdf2Word doesn’t work for some Aspose.Words customers on .NET Framework 4.6.1 Bug
PDF2WORD-492 Aspose.Words tries to load old Pdf2Word version 20.02 instead of latest 20.04 Bug
PDF2WORD-497 Why do we have netstandard2 facade reference in .NET 4.6.1 release build? Bug
PDF2WORD-294 Add Accuracy tests to build verification on GitLab (except the slowest one) Task

SDK Changes


  1. Added methods to work with Word document lists
    • GetLists
    • GetList
    • InsertList
    • UpdateList
    • UpdateListLevel
  2. Added methods to work with styles
    • GetStyles
    • UpdateStyle
    • InsertStyle
    • CopyStyle
    • GetStyleFromDocumentElement
    • ApplyStyleToDocumentElement
  3. Added methods to work with paragraph list format
    • GetParagraphListFormat
    • GetParagraphListFormatWithoutNodePath
    • UpdateParagraphListFormat
    • DeleteParagraphListFormat
  4. Added methods to work with paragraph tab stops
    • GetParagraphTabStops
    • InsertOrUpdateParagraphTabStop
    • DeleteAllParagraphTabStops
    • DeleteParagraphTabStop
  5. Added methods to build reports
    • BuildReport
    • BuildReportOnline
  6. Added Shading property to ParagraphFormat