Aspose Words Cloud 20.8 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 20.8 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features


  • Added “optimize document” feature
  • Added ‘ApplyBaseDocumentHeadersAndFootersToAppendingDocuments’ option to ‘DocumentEntryList’ for AppendDocument API
  • WithoutNodePath methods were removed from SDKs


  • Improved header/footer detection by removing false candidates
  • Corrected multiple issues with footnotes recognition (numbers, alignment, continuation, etc)
  • Reduced memory allocations for PDFs with big images (10 times less now)
  • Fixed page height calculation that was causing empty output document
  • Supported more formats in numbered list detection
  • Removed false one element lists from table cells
  • Fixed a couple of PDF processing errors
  • Created a new option that allows skipping all images from a PDF
  • Changed obfuscation settings for fix iOS compatibility

All changes

WORDSCLOUD-1206UpdateField API unable to find TOC field and updateBug
WORDSCLOUD-1230Convert ODT to TXT with SaveAs API throws Index was outside the bounds of the array errorBug
WORDSCLOUD-1242Stop adding headers and footers from destination document to source documentBug
WORDSCLOUD-1258DOC to TXT conversion throws internalError Error while loading fileBug
WORDSCLOUD-1267Fonts being changed converting from Word to PDFBug
WORDSCLOUD-1235How to optimize Word document for Word 2016Feature
PDF2WORD-532 Excessive section breaks as a result of incorrect footer detection Bug
PDF2WORD-541 Footnotes without a number are not recognized Bug
PDF2WORD-542 Two numbered footnotes were not recognized Bug 
PDF2WORD-551 Wrong footnotes alignment in one document Bug
PDF2WORD-553 Heavy memory usage on Searchable PDFs from the customer Bug
PDF2WORD-554Negative page height causes all elements to be skipped during the recognitionBug
PDF2WORD-562 List detection doesn’t work properly on a customer’s file Bug
PDF2WORD-563 Destination reference error stops PDF processing Bug
PDF2WORD-564 FileLoadException happens because of PdfTokenParser can’t read big numbers Bug
PDF2WORD-347 PdfParser refactoringTask
PDF2WORD-514Simplify usage of PdfStreamProvider classTask
PDF2WORD-515 Refactoring of class PdfContentProcessor Task
PDF2WORD-558Use new flag to skip all image processing methods when requestedTask
PDF2WORD-561Change obfuscation settings to fix iOS compatibilityTask

SDK Changes


  • Added new api method

which is allows to optimize the document contents as well as default Aspose.Words behavior to a particular versions of MS Word

  • Added ‘ApplyBaseDocumentHeadersAndFootersToAppendingDocuments’ option to ‘DocumentEntryList’ for AppendDocument API