Aspose Words Cloud 20.9 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 20.9 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features


  • Added “Batch API” feature


  • Improved font recognition logic
  • Corrected footnotes overlapping with footer area
  • Fixed splitting issues with numbered lists
  • Removed redundant paragraph breaks caused by footnote references
  • Corrected interval height between list items
  • Recovered a few pages that were lost by the wrong rotation detection
  • Fixed extra empty pages added because of unrecognized header parts

All changes

WORDSCLOUD-1257DeleteMacros API Method throws internalError while loading fileBug
WORDSCLOUD-1260DeleteMacros API Method throws unable to cast object errorBug
WORDSCLOUD-1321Files from “split and zip” saved as input data in logsrBug
WORDSCLOUD-1347Change ZIP implementation in Split APITask
PDF2WORD-543Use WarningCallback to notify about font substitutionTask
PDF2WORD-544Many joined words in a result document when recognizing on LinuxBug
PDF2WORD-546Implement JsonFontCache to achieve good recognition quality on LinuxTask
PDF2WORD-548Investigate the possibility of font detection reworkTask
PDF2WORD-550Wrong text was detected as footnotesBug
PDF2WORD-555List items are separated from each otherBug
PDF2WORD-556Wrong paragraph splitBug
PDF2WORD-559Low interval between text lines after the conversionBug
PDF2WORD-565Integrate a DI containerTask
PDF2WORD-572Pages lost in the resultant word documentBug
PDF2WORD-576DI doesn’t work in release builds because of obfuscationBug
PDF2WORD-579Wrong header recognition created two extra pages in the output documentBug
PDF2WORD-581A paragraph is recognized as two separate paragraphs, which a breaks the sequence of list segmentsBug
PDF2WORD-585Autofac doesn’t work on Android after obfuscationBug

SDK Changes

Aspose.Words Cloud .NET SDK

  • Added new api method