Aspose Words Cloud 21.12 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 21.12 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features

Words Cloud Changes

  • Implemented the “/info” endpoint to obtain API usage details
  • Added support for configuring document.FieldOptions in the process of MailMerge
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements

PDF to Word conversion improvements

  • Implemented the detection of footnotes that have no horizontal separator line above them
  • Determined the location and fixed a bug in release building scripts, causing errors in the “JPEG 2000” decoder
  • Improved the cm operator processing to get correct text coordinates
  • Improved the PDF importing algorithm: word duplicates are ignored now if they have the same coordinates and text
  • Implemented decoding for the newest ‘PDF encryption Rev 6’ (PDF 2.0 and PDF 1.7 Extension 6 formats)
  • Improved data editing logic to avoid “Collection was modified” errors
  • Optimized the footnotes scanning area to avoid InvalidOperationException
  • Implemented the ‘Default Font’ protective mode, activated when a PDF font has incorrect data or its subtype can’t be determined
  • Improved the processing of references in PDF, pointing to non-existent objects

Cloud SDK Changes

  • All SDKs: implemented timeout configuration (settings)
  • Python, Java, PHP, Ruby SDKs:
    • improved protection for CommonRequestParameters.Password (automatic encryption of all passwords sent to the API server as request parameters)
    • provided the displayIntermediateResults option to exclude intermediate document’s data from responses during ‘Batch Request’ processing
  • .NET, Go, Node.js SDKs: added support for configuring document.FieldOptions in the process of MailMerge
  • .NET SDK: changed all API calls to asynchronous (async/await)

All changes

WORDSCLOUD-1424Provide support for OfficeMath-to-SVG rendering in the process of DOCX-to-HTML conversionNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1450Improve protection for CommonRequestParameters.PasswordNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1480Change all API calls in .NET SDK to asynchronous (async/await)New Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1507Add an option to exclude intermediate document’s data from responses during batch processingNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1742Provide support for configuring document.FieldOptions in the process of MailMergeNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1784Provide an option to remove superscript text in PDF to Markdown conversionNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1828Implement timeout configuration (settings) for Cloud SDKsNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1416Issue with using control chars (page breaks) in LINQ Reporting templatesBug
WORDSCLOUD-1419PHP SDK (Cloud API): logging request in debug mode doesn’t workBug
WORDSCLOUD-1447Image resize issue in MailMerge TemplatesBug
WORDSCLOUD-1678Storage providers cause errors when reading input streams for the second timeBug
WORDSCLOUD-1717ExecuteMailMerge method throws “Invalid container” exceptionBug
WORDSCLOUD-1748CompareDocumentOnline method fails to save an output to Cloud storageBug
WORDSCLOUD-1750Error when populating images from Cloud storage with MailMerge online methodBug
WORDSCLOUD-1751EmptyParagraphs cleanup option doesn’t work as expectedBug
WORDSCLOUD-1761EncryptedPassword doesn’t work for online methodsBug
WORDSCLOUD-1813Calling BuildReportOnline via cURL returns an errorBug
WORDSCLOUD-1814Incorrect usage details in the Docker ContainerBug
WORDSCLOUD-1816Document conversion speed issue in Aspose.Words Cloud Docker ContainerBug
WORDSCLOUD-1820Timeout error occurs when generating long reportsBug
WORDSNET-23048Text is skipped because of incorrect ClippingBounds calculationBug
WORDSNET-23058Implement the detection of footnotes that have no horizontal separator line above themTask
WORDSNET-22968FileLoadException is thrown in the process of loading a PDFBug
WORDSNET-22969Content is missing when converting PDF to DOCXBug
WORDSNET-22970Extra content is found when converting PDF to DOCXBug
WORDSNET-23060Duplicated letters in words detected after the conversionBug
WORDSNET-23047NotImplementedException: Security handler is not implemented for V=5, R=6Bug
WORDSNET-23050NullReferenceException when a PDF file has empty cross-reference streamBug
WORDSNET-23061NullReferenceException at TableOfContentsTabStorage.NumberIsIncreasingBug
WORDSNET-23062InvalidOperationException: Subtype must be present in a Font resourceBug
WORDSNET-23065InvalidOperationException: PDF is corrupt. Reference does not point to a valid indirect object.Bug
WORDSNET-23139InvalidOperationException: Collection was modifiedBug
WORDSNET-23140InvalidOperationException: Footnotes are only allowed inside the main text of the documentBug
WORDSNET-23028NullReferenceException at CSJ2K’s FileFormatReader.readFileFormatBug
WORDSNET-23021NullReferenceException at CSJ2K’s FileBitstreamReaderAgent..ctorBug
WORDSNET-23020NullReferenceException at CSJ2K’s readBox()Bug