Aspose Words Cloud 21.3 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 21.3 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features

Words Cloud Changes

  • Added a new UpdateCreatedTimeProperty option for saving output files
  • Added support for multiple tables in HeaderFooter objects. Thus it’s possible to address paragraphs inside a table as follows: “sections/0/headersfooters/1/tables/0/rows/0/cells/0/paragraphs/0”

PDF to Word conversion improvements

  • Improved formatting for a table of contents when page numbers are not aligned
  • Corrected erroneously reduced spacing between words in some text paragraphs
  • Corrected PDF element derefencing when xref table has incorrect data
  • Added support for PDFs with duplicate values in Font encoding dictionaries
  • Added support for white symbols in ASCII-85 text to fix decoding of such files
  • Added support for PDFs with missed Content and Resources elements
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in the process of PdfContentProcessor class creation
  • Fixed issues causing FormatException on a dozen of PDFs
  • Restored color decoding by adding new logic for Shading fill pattern
  • Added support for images with 2-bit colors (when 4 pixels are encoded into one byte)
  • Fixed the “Can’t receive the results” exception, caused by PDFs with images

All changes

WORDSCLOUD-1488Add a new UpdateCreatedTimeProperty to SaveOptionsFeature
WORDSCLOUD-1512Provide support for multiple Table objects in HeaderFooter objectsFeature
WORDSCLOUD-1379Issue with executing Mail Merge APIBug
WORDSCLOUD-1445GetFields() and SaveAs() methods throw InternalError exceptionBug
WORDSCLOUD-1457Split API throws “Object reference not set …” exceptionBug
WORDSCLOUD-1466Statistics API throws “Object reference not set …” exceptionBug
WORDSCLOUD-1467Statistics API and Split API throw “Unable to cast object” exceptionBug
WORDSCLOUD-1468Statistics API throws “Object reference not set …” exceptionBug
WORDSCLOUD-1470Split API throws “Parameter is not valid” exceptionBug
WORDSCLOUD-1472Issue with SaveAs() method and ODF formatBug
WORDSCLOUD-1483Support,SplitDocument API throws “Parameter is not valid” exceptionBug
WORDSCLOUD-1509Issue with reading paragraph format from a headerBug
PDF2WORD-683Integrate a new OCR project with PDF2WordTask
PDF2WORD-684Table of contents conversion issuesBug
PDF2WORD-686Increased spacing between wordsBug
PDF2WORD-691SixLabors.ImageSharp fails to find actual image sizeBug
PDF2WORD-700Page numbers in a table of contents are not alignedBug
PDF2WORD-701Line spacing in a table of contents is too largeBug
PDF2WORD-703InvalidOperationException: “Pdf corrupt. Reference with Obj #78. Gen #0 does not point …”Bug
PDF2WORD-707Provide support for duplicates in Font/Encoding/Difference arraysTask
PDF2WORD-708Add Image2Word facade class to provide OCR feature for Aspose.AppsTask
PDF2WORD-724InvalidOperationException: “Invalid ASCII base-85 character”Bug
PDF2WORD-726InvalidOperationException: “Page neither contains nor inherits a Resource dictionary”Bug
PDF2WORD-727NullReferenceException is thrown during PdfContentProcessor creationBug
PDF2WORD-728FileLoadException: “The file doesn’t have PDF header and/or footer”Bug
PDF2WORD-729FormatException: “Input string was not in a correct format”Bug
PDF2WORD-730Colons alignment is lostBug
PDF2WORD-731Increased spacing between wordsBug
PDF2WORD-732ArgumentException: “Unsupported number of bits per item: 2”Bug
PDF2WORD-733InvalidOperationException: “Can’t receive the results”Bug
PDF2WORD-734InvalidOperationException: “Pdf corrupt. Reference with Obj #76. Gen #0 does not point …”Bug
PDF2WORD-735Image colors are lost in the process of conversionBug