Aspose Words Cloud 21.8 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 21.8 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features

Words Cloud Changes

  • Implemented several API methods to get, insert, update and delete custom XML parts from documents
  • Added a new parameter to the ‘Comparison’ API (ResultDocumentFormat)
  • Added a new option for saving PDF files (ExportLanguageToSpanTag)
  • Added a new option for saving FlatOPC files (FlatOpcXmlMappingOnly)

PDF to Word conversion improvements

  • Fixed a ZlibException caused by extra spaces in FlateDecode PDF streams
  • Fixed a ZlibException caused by data streams with incorrect checksums (as some PDF software doesn’t follow the specification)
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException related to PDF filter processing
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException appeared as “Operator should take 1 operand” message

All changes

WORDSCLOUD-1655Add a new ResultDocumentFormat parameter to the ‘Comparison’ API to specify an output formatNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1691Read custom XML parts from Word documentsNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1697Add a new FlatOpcXmlMappingOnly option for saving FlatOPC filesNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1698Add a new ExportLanguageToSpanTag exporting optionNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1714Declare properties in models as public, add support for chains of set-methods in the Swift SDKNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1651Check if an ‘Internal Server Error’ is returned for every error in the Ruby SDKBug
WORDSCLOUD-1660The Ruby SDK is expected to generate an exception when comparing documents with multiple revisionsBug
WORDSCLOUD-1692The DeleteFile API does not accept a leading forward slash in a file pathBug
WORDSCLOUD-1694An error occurs in the LINQ Reporting Engine when handling absent input data (JSON)Bug
WORDSCLOUD-1695An error occurs in the LINQ Reporting Engine when splitting stringsBug
WORDSCLOUD-1713Incorrect DOCX files are returned when calling the ‘Comparison’ API online-methodBug
PDF2WORD-810Thin lines are mistakenly processed as separate paragraphsBug
PDF2WORD-811Incorrect image positionBug
PDF2WORD-817ZlibException: Bad state (unknown compression method (0x20))Bug
PDF2WORD-821InvalidOperationException: Operator should take 1 operandsBug
PDF2WORD-844The contents of a page is mistakenly shifted when column detection is enabledBug
PDF2WORD-847InvalidOperationException: Filter entry of stream object must be either PDF name or PDF ArrayBug
PDF2WORD-855Implement the ability to specify footer distanceTask
PDF2WORD-856ZlibException: Bad state (incorrect data check)Bug