Aspose Words Cloud 22.1 Release Notes

The page contains release notes for Aspose.Words Cloud 22.1 – API Reference.

Important Changes and New Features

Words Cloud Changes

  • Provided localization support for ‘Mail Merge’ fields (FieldOptions.FieldUpdateCultureName)
  • Implemented secure password handling for the second document (to be appended) in AppendDocument requests
  • Implemented secure password handling for the second document (to be compared with) in CompareDocument requests
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

PDF to Word conversion improvements

  • Implemeted a workaround for handling PDF strings with uneven parenthesis
  • Implemented new functionality to handle incorrect order and duplicates in BT/ET operators (‘Begin Text’/‘End Text’)
  • Identified and fixed a problem with concurrent image rows processing
  • Added support for a new combination of NamedDestination parameters (links within a PDF document)
  • Implemented FormatException handling in a couple of methods to support the conversion of partially incorrect PDF files
  • Improved the algorithm to ignore the Tj text operator if a font has not been tentatively defined with the Tf operator (to avoid logical errors)
  • Improved the algorithm to prevent falling into an endless reading loop in PdfTokenParser by correcting the processing of the last byte in a PDF stream
  • Reworked data buffering algorithm in PdfSyntaxParser to support large data arrays (we found a PDF array with 85042 elements)
  • Improved the algorithm to prevent IndexOutOfRangeException at ColorSpaceDeviceRGB (provided support for Gray 8-bit color inside RGB Image Reader)
  • Improved the processing of PDF files without proper /Page elements (set default collection values for this scenario)

Cloud SDK Changes

  • All SDKs:
    • Added FieldOptions.FieldUpdateCultureName parameter to set a specific culture (locale) for ‘Mail Merge’ fields
    • Added DocumentEntry.Password parameter to set an encrypted password for the seconds document (to append) in AppendDocument requests
    • Added EncryptedPassword2 parameter to set an encrypted password for the second document (to compare with) in CompareDocument and CompareDocumentOnline requests
  • Go SDK: made exception messages more informative

All changes

WORDSCLOUD-1721Implement the ability to set custom locales at the ‘Mail Merge’ template levelNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1822Implement password handling for the second document in AppendDocument requestsNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1823Implement password handling for the second document in CompareDocument requestsNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1855Go SDK: improve error diagnostics, make exception messages more informativeNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1866Provide complete localization support for ‘Mail Merge’ fieldsNew Feature
WORDSCLOUD-1464GetDocumentStatistics API throws “Object reference not set” exceptionBug
WORDSCLOUD-1577Batch requests return incorrect responses when the ResultOf parameter is assignedBug
WORDSCLOUD-1586Swagger UI returns an error on some sevice endpointsBug
WORDSCLOUD-1857Some online methods return incorrect links to processed documentsBug
WORDSCLOUD-1864An error occurred while deploying ‘Aspose.Words Cloud’ to Heroku platform as a Docker containerBug
WORDSCLOUD-18704‘Aspose.Words Cloud API Reference’ doesn’t mention the encryptedPassword parameterBug
WORDSNET-23023FormatException at PdfTokenParser.EnterHexStringStateBug
WORDSNET-23027NullReferenceException at SASLPrepAlgorithm.MapCharactersBug
WORDSNET-23175IndexOutOfRangeException at PdfSyntaxParser.ParseArrayBug
WORDSNET-23177NullReferenceException is thrown if page resources are missingBug
WORDSNET-23189FormatException at TimeSpanFormat.FormatCustomizedBug
WORDSNET-23192KeyNotFoundException at RomanNumber.TryParseBug
WORDSNET-23193InvalidCastException: Cannot cast PdfDictionary to PdfArrayBug
WORDSNET-23203NullReferenceException at PdfOperatorTj.ApplyBug
WORDSNET-23212IndexOutOfRangeException at ColorSpaceDeviceRGB.ToRgbBug